The Department of Midwifery welcomes you to its website

Midwifery today includes the art and science of promoting and supporting Women’s Health during their entire lifetime, as well as promoting and supporting Neonatal Health.

The aims of our Department include the theoretical and clinical training of students according to current scientific knowledge in the fields of Obstetrical, Gynecological and Neonatal Health Care. Furthermore, aims of our Department include development of multiple skills regarding communication, counseling, health education, as well as administration and organization of Healthcare Units. A significant parameter in order to achieve these aims is the promotion of applied research in Health Sciences.

Studies in our Department are structured according to the organizational frame of Technological Educational Institutes in Greece. Studies span in seven semesters, which include interactive theoretical and laboratory courses, as well as clinical training in Healthcare Units. Courses have been developed according to principles of the bio-psycho-social model for health. Students go through general courses and courses of Deontology, Legislation, and Humanitarian Studies before advancing to specialization courses.

The final part of the studies includes a six-month practical professional training (internship) and a thesis.

Thesis preparation offers students the chance to go in depth in fields of their interests, by conducting either applied research or a systematic review of the literature.

Practical professional training (internship) takes place in Health Units, in Greece or abroad. Such Units may provide primary, secondary or tertiary care and should include Departments of Obstetrical and Pediatric and Gynecological-Operative Care. During internship, students are asked to develop autonomy in practicing midwifery care, especially in conducting normal labor and delivery under supervision and evaluation by tutors of practical training.